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People of Yards

It would make for a nice story if we came from a long line of brewers.

The truth is, we come from a long line of beer drinkers. So we know what good beer tastes like, and we imagine that after you try a few of our handcrafted ales, you will too. These are the folks who make the beer (plus a few friends we'd like you to meet).

People of yards
  • Josh Wurzbacher

    Josh Wurzbacher

    Josh started at Yards the way many do, bottling and kegging beers.

    Now you can find him brewing the night shift and attempting to get his great dane Karma to jump higher than his head.

  • Tim Roberts

    Tim Roberts

    Tim is our Head Brewer and Production Manager.

    He's also a talented performer. See for yourself below.

    Performed By Tim Roberts
  • Andrew Howard

    Andrew Howard

    While in Nursing school, Andrew started home brewing and fell in love.

    He eventually quit school to attend the prestigious Brewlab in England. Now he brews for Yards.

  • Mitch Albach

    Mitch Albach

    A former music icon, known for his acoustic album, "Life's a Mitch,"

    Mitch Albach retired from the music industry and took a job with us. He's is our lead brewer which makes perfect sense for this former front man.

  • Matt Hall

    Matt Hall

    Matt studied brewing in Germany before coming to work at Yards.

    Like all Yards employees he had to prove his mettle on the packaging line. We let him brew now but strictly forbid the lederhosen he insists on wearing.

  • Drew Rutherford

    Drew Rutherford

    Andrew "Dr. Ew" Rutherford grew up on the mean streets of LA, drinking malt liquor and catching a tan.

    Dr. Ew coined the terms "ratcheter" and "grip ups." Can you name these tools?