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People of Yards

It would make for a nice story if we came from a long line of brewers.

The truth is, we come from a long line of beer drinkers. So we know what good beer tastes like, and we imagine that after you try a few of our handcrafted ales, you will too. These are the folks who make the beer (plus a few friends we'd like you to meet).

People of yards
  • George Washington

    George Washington

    George Washington was the first president of the U.S. and therefore the first U.S. president to be served beer.

    Quite possibly originating the phrase "first come first served."

  • Frank Rio

    Frank Rio

    His name is Rio and he dances on the sand.

    His secret is ... he's always angry.

  • Colleen Pickup

    Colleen Pickup

    Since Colleen's hair is the same color as our IPA, she was a natural fit for our Tasting Room team.

    She warmly greets people at the door and serves them ales from behind the bar.

  • Frank McLaughlin

    Frank McLaughlin

    Our Tasting Room Manager’s lack of stature is easily replaced by his passion for the Boston Red Sox.

    He also has a Wade Boggs (Pitt the Elder!) like efficiency for changing kegs.

  • Ben Franklin

    Ben Franklin

    The greatest inventor of his time, B. Franklin used to boast he invented the greatest beer.

    A doubter disagreed and told him to go fly a kite. So he did and discovered electricity.

  • Nick Rodgers

    Nick Rodgers

    Nick started out as many do, working the packaging line.

    He found himself gravitating towards the beakers and microscopes in the lab and now heads up our sensory program in the Quality Control Department.

  • Mitch Albach

    Mitch Albach

    A former music icon, known for his acoustic album, "Life's a Mitch,"

    Mitch Albach retired from the music industry and took a job with us. He's is our lead brewer which makes perfect sense for this former front man.

  • Gina Vasoli

    Gina Vasoli

    Our design and social media manager has said, "God created man, but I could do better."

    - Gina Vasoli

  • Josh Wurzbacher

    Josh Wurzbacher

    Josh started at Yards the way many do, bottling and kegging beers.

    Now you can find him brewing the night shift and attempting to get his great dane Karma to jump higher than his head.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson

    TJ was a jack and president of all trades.

    He could farm, brew beer, practice law, lay down the law. Yeah … he was one, bad mother of a founding father.

  • Andrew Goldstein

    Andrew Goldstein

    Andrew used to work in a bean factory.

    Now he works in a beer factory. Next up, beef factory?

  • Rick Anstotz

    Rick Anstotz

    The Rick is our Sales Manager and an international heavy metal star playing lead guitar in Dirt Worshipper and Yeast Factory.

    He needs your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

  • Ian Wallace

    Ian Wallace

    Ian spends most of his time staring at pictures of Doug the Pug and muttering Mets stats under his breath.

    While he is not gazing at animals, he's out selling beer in Philadelphia and Delaware.

  • Steve Welsh

    Steve Welsh

    Stevo is our Packaging Manager.

    He's semi-fluent in Portuguese and more fluent after he's introduced you to cachaça.

  • Tim Roberts

    Tim Roberts

    Tim is our Head Brewer and Production Manager.

    He's also a talented performer. See for yourself below.

    Performed By Tim Roberts
  • Kristin Caine

    Kristin Caine

    Before selling beer in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County, Kristin was actually an undercover FBI agent.

    Her most exciting case was when she saved Miss USA from the evil Murphy Brown.

  • Doug Mashington

    Doug Mashington

    Doug joined the sales team in 2011.

    He represents about half of Philadelphia as well as Delaware and Chester Counties. He's a chatter and would love to talk beer with you. Email him, address below.

  • Bob Stokes

    Bob Stokes

    Bob likes to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

    Bob splits his time between the Yards packaging line and slaying bass for Dirt Worshipper, a metal band consisting of mostly Yards employees.

  • Seamus Gosman

    Seamus Gosman

    Seamus works on our packaging line.

    We didn't learn our lesson with the Corrado brothers and hired another Jersey boy from the wilds of Cape May County.

  • Jeff Slick

    Jeff Slick

    An enlightened scholar, DJ Jazzy Slick, works in the lab here.

    His musical selections and insightful quotes keep everyone on their intellectual toes.

  • Peter Kasper

    Peter Kasper

    Sometimes we call Peter "Pumpkin."

    You don't want to know his other nickname.

  • Jenny Manalaysay

    Jenny Manalaysay

    Jenny works behind the bar at Yards.

    She can pour four beers at once, but can you drink four beers at once?

  • Zack Artz

    Zack  Artz

    Zack, our Private Events Manager, has the best teeth of any employee at Yards.

    You may have recognized his pearly whites on the local dentist ads on public access television.

  • Matt Hall

    Matt Hall

    Matt studied brewing in Germany before coming to work at Yards.

    Like all Yards employees he had to prove his mettle on the packaging line. We let him brew now but strictly forbid the lederhosen he insists on wearing.

  • Andrew Howard

    Andrew Howard

    While in Nursing school, Andrew started home brewing and fell in love.

    He eventually quit school to attend the prestigious Brewlab in England. Now he brews for Yards.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson

    Nate works on the packaging line.

    He likes short walks on the beach.

  • Ron Johnson

    Ron Johnson

    Ron, our New Jersey sales rep, was solely hired based on how his name flows magically off the tongue.

    That and he had a strong desire to explore the parts of New Jersey his own travels have not allowed.

  • Corey Fox

    Corey Fox

    Corey was formerly employed by Heaven.

    He now works here each day to bring our social media to heavenly heights. He also likes to draw. Just turn over one of our 12-pack trays ...



    Snorri can deep sleep like no one we’ve ever met.

    That’s why we spike his coffee with beer. Or is it the other way around?

  • Ben Gallman

    Ben Gallman

    Ben tends bar in our Tasting Room.

    He's a vinyl hoarder, excuse me, aficionado, and does a cool propeller-like move thing with his bar towels while he's chatting with guests.

  • Trevor Prichett

    Trevor Prichett

    Trevor is our Chief Operating Officer and lead authority on Italian culture and ‘la dolce vita.’

    His love and capacity for grappa is unmatched (and admittedly a bit odd).

  • Tim Sieck

    Tim Sieck

    Tim, our Warehouse Manager, is like a polar bear.

    Soft and cuddly, loves the cold (box, that is) yet can be ferocious when poked with a stick.

  • Gallagher Nutting

    Gallagher Nutting

    Gallagher is our North Jersey sales rep.

    We hired him not only because he is twice Tom's size but also because Ron (our other NJ rep) kept ending up in Ohio when we asked him to go to Princeton. Gallagher is also the kindest man alive.

  • John Corrado

    John Corrado

    John quit on his acting career after always being typecast as the quintessential high school bad boy.

    He works on the packaging line when not singing and playing bass guitar in Sun Cinema or Yards metal band, Yeast Factory.

  • Drew Rutherford

    Drew Rutherford

    Andrew "Dr. Ew" Rutherford grew up on the mean streets of LA, drinking malt liquor and catching a tan.

    Dr. Ew coined the terms "ratcheter" and "grip ups." Can you name these tools?

  • Tom Kehoe

    Tom Kehoe

    Against his better judgement, Tom started Yards in 1994 in a garage in Manayunk.

    But the proudest moment of his career in beer is his speaking role in a 1992 Bud Light commercial.

    1992 Bud Light commercial
  • Mark Granacki

    Mark Granacki

    We've known Mark Granacki since the early days at Dawson Street.

    He's our Packaging Lead and keeps Yards flowing into bottles, cases and kegs.