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People of Yards

It would make for a nice story if we came from a long line of brewers.

The truth is, we come from a long line of beer drinkers. So we know what good beer tastes like, and we imagine that after you try a few of our handcrafted ales, you will too. These are the folks who make the beer (plus a few friends we'd like you to meet).

People of yards
  • Bob Stokes

    Bob Stokes

    Bob likes to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

    Bob splits his time between the Yards packaging line and slaying bass for Dirt Worshipper, a metal band consisting of mostly Yards employees.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson

    Nate works on the packaging line.

    He likes short walks on the beach.

  • Tim Sieck

    Tim Sieck

    Tim, our Warehouse Manager, is like a polar bear.

    Soft and cuddly, loves the cold (box, that is) yet can be ferocious when poked with a stick.

  • Andrew Goldstein

    Andrew Goldstein

    Andrew used to work in a bean factory.

    Now he works in a beer factory. Next up, beef factory?

  • Shawn Birdsey

    Shawn  Birdsey

    Shawn loads truck after truck full of fresh Yards ales for your enjoyment.

    He boasts a green thumb as well, tending to his very own hop vines and tomatoes at home.

  • Keith Zonderwyk

    Keith Zonderwyk

    When Keith's not elbow-deep in repairing machinery,

    he can be found running through the mean streets of Philly or eating his weight in gourmet meats.

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    Ismael Rodriguez

    Iz taught the children of the future before he decided to really make a difference by working at Yards.

    He's part of our packaging crew and consistently wins "best dressed" at special events.

  • John Corrado

    John Corrado

    John quit on his acting career after always being typecast as the quintessential high school bad boy.

    He works on the packaging line when not singing and playing bass guitar in Sun Cinema or Yards metal band, Yeast Factory.

  • Mark Granacki

    Mark Granacki

    We've known Mark Granacki since the early days at Dawson Street.

    He's our Packaging Lead and keeps Yards flowing into bottles, cases and kegs.

  • Tony Corrado

    Tony Corrado

    Tony loves My Morning Jacket and his two Boston Terriers, Layla and Robot Tedward (The First).

    He works on our packaging line by day and dreams of becoming Jim James' personal assistant by night.

  • Steve Welsh

    Steve Welsh

    Stevo is our Packaging Manager.

    He's semi-fluent in Portuguese and more fluent after he's introduced you to cacha├ža.

  • Brian Noronha

    Brian Noronha

    Brian will tie-dye anything he can soak in a bucket.

    He's a packaging lead and our official ambassador to the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival.

  • Seamus Gosman

    Seamus Gosman

    Seamus works on our packaging line.

    We didn't learn our lesson with the Corrado brothers and hired another Jersey boy from the wilds of Cape May County.