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People of Yards

It would make for a nice story if we came from a long line of brewers.

The truth is, we come from a long line of beer drinkers. So we know what good beer tastes like, and we imagine that after you try a few of our handcrafted ales, you will too. These are the folks who make the beer (plus a few friends we'd like you to meet).

People of yards
  • Mark Granacki

    Mark Granacki

    We've known Mark Granacki since the early days at Dawson Street.

    He's our Packaging Lead and keeps Yards flowing into bottles, cases and kegs.

  • Matt Hall

    Matt Hall

    Matt studied brewing in Germany before coming to work at Yards.

    Like all Yards employees he had to prove his mettle on the packaging line. We let him brew now but strictly forbid the lederhosen he insists on wearing.

  • Kristin Caine

    Kristin Caine

    Before selling beer in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County, Kristin was actually an undercover FBI agent.

    Her most exciting case was when she saved Miss USA from the evil Murphy Brown.

  • Mike Hans

    Mike Hans

    Mike conducts tours of the brewery on the weekends.

    We are not sure what Mike does during the week but we heard he has something to do with Dirty Diamond.

    Dirty Diamond
  • Tom Kehoe

    Tom Kehoe

    Against his better judgement, Tom started Yards in 1994 in a garage in Manayunk.

    But the proudest moment of his career in beer is his speaking role in a 1992 Bud Light commercial.

    1992 Bud Light commercial
  • Frank McLaughlin

    Frank McLaughlin

    Our Tasting Room Manager’s lack of stature is easily replaced by his passion for the Boston Red Sox.

    He also has a Wade Boggs (Pitt the Elder!) like efficiency for changing kegs.

  • Frank Rio

    Frank Rio

    His name is Rio and he dances on the sand.

    His secret is ... he's always angry.

  • Gina Vasoli

    Gina Vasoli

    Our design and social media manager has said, "God created man, but I could do better."

    - Gina Vasoli

  • Rick Anstotz

    Rick Anstotz

    The Rick is our Sales Manager and an international heavy metal star playing lead guitar in Dirt Worshipper and Yeast Factory.

    He needs your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

  • Ron Macauley

    Ron Macauley

    Ron handles all the knives, flames, boiling water and spice blends at Yards.

    Stay on his good side and you'll be just fine.

  • Peter Kasper

    Peter Kasper

    Sometimes we call Peter "Pumpkin."

    You don't want to know his other nickname.

  • Andrew Goldstein

    Andrew Goldstein

    Andrew used to work in a bean factory.

    Now he works in a beer factory. Next up, beef factory?

  • John Corrado

    John Corrado

    John quit on his acting career after always being typecast as the quintessential high school bad boy.

    He works on the packaging line when not singing and playing bass guitar in Sun Cinema or Yards metal band, Yeast Factory.

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    Ismael Rodriguez

    Iz taught the children of the future before he decided to really make a difference by working at Yards.

    He's part of our packaging crew and consistently wins "best dressed" at special events.

  • Jenny Manalaysay

    Jenny Manalaysay

    Jenny works behind the bar at Yards.

    She can pour four beers at once, but can you drink four beers at once?



    Our Lady Fairmount takes high beer instead of high tea.

    What a lady.

  • Andrew Howard

    Andrew Howard

    While in Nursing school, Andrew started home brewing and fell in love.

    He eventually quit school to attend the prestigious Brewlab in England. Now he brews for Yards.

  • Peggy Finley

    Peggy Finley

    Peggy is Frank McLaughlin's better half.

    When she's not keeping him in line, she works in the Tasting Room.

  • Zack Artz

    Zack  Artz

    Zack, our Private Events Manager, has the best teeth of any employee at Yards.

    You may have recognized his pearly whites on the local dentist ads on public access television.