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Here at Yards, we do everything we can to minimize our impact on the planet.
These are just a few ways we keep things green in the brewery and tasting room.

Celebrate Earth Day with bees and beers!

Did you know that one third of all food produced in North America depends on
pollination by honey bees? But we are rapidly losing this crucial player in our ecosystem.

Click here to learn more about how Yards is helping you help the bees!

We’re Pennsylvania’s first 100% wind-powered brewery
Our power is purchased entirely off the grid

Our cardboard packaging is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

The bar tops in our tasting room are repurposed bowling alley lanes

Instead of discarding our spent grain, we send it to local farms for use as livestock feed

Each year, we collect and reuse about two million gallons of water in the brewery

Our bison meat, whole grain breads and salad greens are all sourced from local farms

We compost our food scraps from the tasting room’s kitchen with a local composting company