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PYNK is tart, effervescent and refreshingly dry.

We use over 3,000 pounds of fresh sour and sweet cherries and raspberries in every batch.


Here's what our Head Brewer, Tim, has to say about PYNK.

“We did more test batches than any other beer - I believe six in all. Some didn’t have the right nose. Some were too sour. Some were lacking the fruit character we were looking for. Now, I drink it all year long (the shelf life on this beer is amazing!), as does my wife, Amy, who considers it the second best beer in the world right behind Philly Pale Ale.”

When you drink PYNK, you are helping us do more good.

Since 2013, Yards and our charity partners have donated over $37,000 to the The Tyanna Foundation!

Learn more about the Tyanna Foundation

Our Field Marketing and Sales Rep, Ben, recently took some PYNK up to Maine for the weekend.

Turns out PYNK pairs great with camping, hammocks and blueberry pancakes on the Coleman.



Yards PYNK is a beer like no other. We add 3,300 pounds of sour and sweet cherries and raspberries to each batch, resulting in a tart berry ale that’s effervescent and pleasantly pink in color. Delighting the palate, this light-bodied brew finishes refreshingly dry. We are proud to donate 1 dollar from every case and 5 cents from every pint of PYNK sold to breast cancer research and awareness. Since 2013, we've raised over $37,000 for the Tyanna Foundation!

STYLE Fruit Beer

ABV 5.5%


OG 13°P

COLOR Deep Pink

FORMATS 6-pack, 12-pack; 1/2 keg, 1/6 keg


SIGNIFICANT INGREDIENTS Fresh sour and sweet cherries; fresh raspberries

AWARDS 2015 Philly Beer Scene Awards: Best Fruit Beer

PAIRINGS PYNK's dry character and effervescence lends itself to light salads, country terrine and delicately fried seafood. Pair with panna cotta for a delicate and refined dessert experience!

YEAR INTRODUCED 2003; reintroduced in 2013