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Washington's Reserve ages in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for six months before it gets to your glass.

The aromas and flavors of oak, vanilla and bourbon are irresistible.

Wondering what else do we use those Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for?

Most recently, the brewers aged a small batch of Russian Imperial Stout.

Tom Kehoe's favorite bourbon is Basil Hayden's.

They wrote a nice story about Joe Beddia, who used to work at Yards.

Check it out

Once we gave away empty bourbon barrels to the best beer punsters in Philly.

Our favorite? "I'm trying to mash a tun of puns in here because this barrel is totally wort it."

Read all the entries from our #BarrelofPun contest!

Washington's Reserve


We set aside a portion of every batch of General Washington's Tavern Porter in freshly emptied bourbon barrels shipped straight from Kentucky. The beer ages for six months, absorbing vanilla, oak and bourbon flavors from the barrel walls. Our Washington's Reserve is the end result – a smooth, aromatic porter with hints of dried fruit in the finish and vanilla on the nose.

STYLE Barrel-Aged Strong Porter

ABV 7.0%

IBU 34

OG 17°P

FORMATS 1/6 keg, 1/2 keg


SIGNIFICANT INGREDIENTS Crystal and chocolate malts, molasses, Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels

PAIRINGS We think Washington would have paired this aromatic porter with a steak smothered in rich, burgundy mushroom gravy. The vanilla characteristics of Washington's Reserve go great with desserts like cherries jubilee or bananas Foster.