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A Great American Beer Festival winner.

Brawler brought home the the silver medal in English Milds at the 2013 GABF.

The original Brawler clocked in at 6.0% ABV.

The Brawler you know today still has that knockout flavor, just with a little less punch. (So you can go a few rounds.)



Crafted in the style of an English mild, this malt-forward ale is great when you want to go a few rounds. Its smooth character, hints of caramel and toast and remarkable drinkability define this ruby-colored brew as a knockout session ale.

STYLE English Mild

ABV 4.2%

IBU 12

OG 11°P


FORMATS 12 oz can, 12 oz bottle, sixtel, keg


SIGNIFICANT INGREDIENTS Crystal and amber malts; roasted barley

AWARDS 2013 Great American Beer Festival: Silver Medal in English Milds; 2012 Best of Philly Beer Scene: Best Session Beer

PAIRINGS Brawler's bready essence and luscious malts make it an awesome partner with anything smoked or grilled like ribs, pulled pork, chicken or coal fired pizza. Its lower alcohol content cools off spicy dishes like wings, tacos or Pasta Puttanesca.

YEAR INTRODUCED 1998, reintroduced in 2008