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When's the best time to enjoy Golden Hop?

In the golden hour, of course.


Take a whiff...

Notice those grapefruit, tangerine and mango notes before your first sip.

Philly history and hot air balloons inspired the design for Golden Hop IPA

Did you know that the first hot air balloon flight ever in the United States happened in Philadelphia in 1792? It soared over the Delaware River right where Yards stands today and landed in Deptford, NJ. George Washington himself witnessed the historic event.

Guess from where exactly the balloon launched...

An ale to lift your spirits

We release this light-bodied IPA in the middle of winter to give you that boost of sunshine you need to get to Spring.

Golden Hop IPA


Golden Hop roars with tropical notes of tangerine, mango, and grapefruit from Mosaic, Cascade and Amarillo hops. Columbus in the hopback adds a bright floral and citrus undertone, complementing this light-bodied IPA’s vibrant hop bouquet. Wheat malt provides a golden color and Belgian yeast shapes the crisp, clean feel.

STYLE Belgian-style IPA

ABV 6.0%

IBU 55

OG 15°P

COLOR Golden

FORMATS 12 oz bottle, sixtel, keg

AVAILABILITY January Release

SIGNIFICANT INGREDIENTS Belgian yeast; Wheat malt; Columbus in the hopback; dry hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic and Cascade hops

PAIRINGS Golden Hop IPA's crisp melon and citrus flavors pair well with cured meats like salami, kale salads with pickled vegetables, aged pecorino or any Spanish tapas you can find.