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Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale is part of our Ales of the Revolution Series.

Have you tried General Washington's Tavern Porter or Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce?


Jefferson’s earliest designs for Monticello showed dedicated spaces for brewing and beer storage.

Good ol' TJ, always thinking ahead…

What gives our Tavern Ale its golden color?

Rye and wheat malts create this beer's sunny hue.

Best enjoyed in the company of old friends.

Jefferson, Washington and Franklin enjoyed many ales together in Philadelphia's taverns.

Visit the historic City Tavern for a true taste of history.

Jefferson's Golden Ale

This complex golden ale pays homage to our Founding Father and fellow brewer, Thomas Jefferson. We recreated his recipe, employing honey, rye and wheat, just like the beer brewed at Monticello during Jefferson’s time.

STYLE Strong Golden Ale

ABV 8.0%

IBU 42

OG 18°P

COLOR Golden

FORMATS 12 oz bottle, sixtel, keg


SIGNIFICANT INGREDIENTS Flaked oats and maize; rye and wheat; local honey from Fruitwood Orchards

PAIRINGS Although Jefferson may have preferred to snack on the bounty of vegetables and herbs from his garden at Monticello, you may want to offset this beer’s potency with something hearty, filling and dare we say “fatty?” Think roast duck, slow roasted pork belly or charcuterie including prosciutto, sausages and pate´.