Yards Bewing Company


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Yards Bewing Company

The first pint of Yards ever poured was at Dawson Street Pub in Manayunk.

It's been on the hand pump there every day since May 19, 1995.

Order an ESA at Dawson Street to get a taste of Yards history!

Tom Kehoe, Spokesman for Bud Light?

It's true. Tom got his 15 minutes of fame in a Bud Light commercial in the early 2000s.

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Beer delivery by horse and buggy? Why not.

Yards delivered our first shipment of beer from the Northern Liberties brewery by horse and carriage. We had to get a parade permit to do it.

The name Yards Brewing Company was incorporated in New Jersey in 1990.

Hey, it made for a great softball team name until Tom and Jon got the brewery up and running in '94.


Yards spends the first part of 2002 restoring the old Weisbrod and Hess brewery and outfitting it with a bottling line and tasting room. The Kensington location’s first batch is brewed in April. It’s ESA, obviously. Yards wins their first major award, a bronze medal for Trubbel de Yards in the Real Ale Festival in Chicago.

The Winter Olympics are held in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Yards begins distributing their rotating Variety Case featuring ESA, Philadelphia Pale Ale, IPA and whatever the current seasonal is at the time. Yards brings home ESA’s first award, a bronze medal from Chicago’s Real Ale Festival. PYNK, a tart berry ale, is brewed for the first time, though it does not become a bottled seasonal release until 2013. Tom reveals to the staff that he starred in a Philly-themed Bud Light commercial back in ’92. His news is met with amused disappointment and life goes on.

Mr. Rogers dies at age 74.


Tom asks the Yards staff to weigh in on what they’d like Philadelphia Pale Ale to taste like. Once the recipe changes are adopted, Philly Pale Ale quickly becomes the brewery staff’s go-to beer. Distinctively citrusy Simcoe hops make their way into the brew, defining the style. The New York Times names Philly Pale Ale one of the top five pale ales in the country. Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale and General Washington’s Tavern Porter begin to be distributed as year-round Yards beers. As 2004 comes to a close, Yards reaches 4,400 barrels brewed that year.

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In preparation for Benjamin Franklin’s Tercentenary (300th birthday), Yards brews Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce, a beer inspired by Franklin’s own recipe. The Ales of the Revolution series becomes complete with this unique amber ale. In April of this year, Yards has the honor of hosting the Welcome Reception of the Craft Brewer’s Conference at the brewery.

Tom Cruise jumps up and down on Oprah’s couch.


The Yards Christmas parties, open to all and typically topping out at around 1,000 people, come to a bittersweet end after 2006’s epic night. Let's leave it at that …

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Tom parts ways with Bill and Nancy to open the next Yards facility in nearby Northern Liberties. He signs the lease on October 17th, though Yards does not finish brewing in the Kensington location until December 31st. Tom assembles a powerhouse team consisting of Steve Mashington, The Rick, Steve Welsh, Mitch Albach, Drew Rutherford, Frank Winslow, Tim Roberts and Andrew Horn. Together they build the new brewery with their blood, sweat and many beers. Several body parts are lit on fire, yet shockingly all survive. By year’s end, Yards has increased their brewing volume to 6,500 barrels.

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