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Legend has it that beverage writer and Philly beer scene veteran, Lew Bryson, came by the brewery for an interview with Tom during hurricane force winds.

While Tom was going on and on about the latest and greatest features of the new brewery, the storm blew out every single window right there in front of them. Thankfully, no person, and no beer, was hurt.

Have you ever been to our Real Ale Invitational?

Every year, we bring the best cask ales from across the country (and the pond) to Yards for your tasting pleasure.

Did you know that we offer free brewery tours and beer samples every weekend?

Stop by between 12 and 4pm to see how we make what Philly drinks!

The first bottling run at 901 N. Delaware happened on October 30, 2008.

Yards employees handed those very bottles of ESA out to thirsty parade goers the next day during the Phillies' World Series Championship Parade. Go Phils!

Why not have a pint or two at the source?

We pour our Signature Ales and Ales of the Revolution year round. There's always a special brew on cask. And we have an exciting line-up of seasonals and small batch brews on rotation. Flights are available!

Signature Ales

Brawler / Knockout Flavor / 4.2%

Extra Special Ale / Properly Hopped / 6.0%

Philadelphia Pale Ale / Remarkably Sessionable / 4.6%

IPA / Perfectly Balanced / 7.0%

Love Stout / Seductively Smooth / 5.5%


General Washington’s Tavern Porter / Liquid Courage / 7.0%

Thomas Jefferson’s Taven Ale / A Strong Golden Ale / 8.0%

Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce / An Engaging Brew / 5.0%


Sons of Ben / Rowdy Pale Ale / 5.0%

Saison / A Summer Wheat Ale / 6.5%

PYNK / A Tart Berry Ale / 5.5%

Rival IPA / An 'Over the Top' Ale / 6.2%


Cape of Good Hope / Double IPA / 9.7%

IBG Grapefruit Pale Ale / 6.1%

Loral Lager / 5.3%

Heavy Manners / Strong Stout / 7.2%


You can always find one of our ales on the beer engine!


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